This Is What Happens When You Paint A Hyper Shift Over The World’s Blackest Painted Car

Only witnessing the final result will make you believe it.

Ever heard of Musou Black? If not, it is the darkest shade of the color black, which amazingly absorbs about 99% of the light, making a room appear dark even when all the lights are turned on.

This caught the Youtuber’s attention at ‘DipYourCar’ Youtube channel, and he decided to paint a car all in Musou Black. The result made it appear unreal by giving the car a cartoonish look.

The guy posted his work of newly dark painted car online and got flooded with suggestions to re-do a hyper shift over the Musou black car. It was a difficult feat painting something over an already dark killer without killing its true essence. Hence, he thought further on how to do it.

The guy at DipYourCar was skeptical of the idea before starting the work for it in full swing. He said, “I am not telling you it’s going to look awesome. I am not telling you you are going to be blown away. It may be a complete dud. But I promised I would try.”

He ultimately decided on using the ZTP hyper shift as it is the biggest amongst the hyper shift pearls. Now, the question is whether if it was enough to make an impact over Musou Black?

The picture below will serve as a visual idea of how Musou Black appears like.

To give you a hint, it did make an impact on the fine dark color, and the final result seemed pretty interesting with an unmatched finished look. The pearls stick well to the Musou black, making it appear as a beautiful night full of stars, but on the clouds as we see it. You sure don’t want to miss the video below. This might also make you wonder where to get this fine dark shade of black to apply to your own car, given its final spectacular look.

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