Did This Youtuber Really Burn His Tesla Model S?

This video comes with an all-out example of why you should not believe everything on the internet. There is only one key thing to consider before verifying anything true in your mind, and that one thing is ‘source.’ Burning Tesla Prank, Youtuber Successfully Tricks The Internet And Makes It Go Viral

We all know that misinformation spreads faster than wildfire in the amazon forests. People usually spread fake news and create fake incidences to make hefty amounts of money through their online posts.

Now, given that it has been over a year that we all together have been facing the Covid-19 pandemic. This has confined millions of people to their homes, and those who didn’t use as much internet before aren’t left with any other options to get some entertainment other than surfing the web.

More and more people are using the internet in the past year for almost all work and entertainment-related stuff. This has backed the idea of ‘not to believe everything on the internet’ even more than ever. The reason is that more and more false/fake content has surfaced in the previous year alone than many years combined.

Today, the video we have for you will take you on a tour of the fakeness of the internet. It features Youtuber William Osman’s attempt to go viral on the internet by making a fake Tesla Model 3 burn that appears to be more than real!

The Youtuber then explodes the electric vehicle using some smart techniques that are not as much visible. The purpose of the video was to prove a fake point that one of his friends got so rich to explode his Tesla just like that. For fun? I would ask!

These crazy videos go viral and earn the content makers more than what they lose while proving their point. It is just like another Youtube channel where the guy breaks and boils the latest models of iPhones. And clearly, the amount of loss is far less than what they earn through these videos.

However, as you’d assume, the fake prank was a success, and thousands of people bought what they made it appear. Many were angry, terming it as a true waste of money.  And it doesn’t stop here. Some news channels got the keys of their wagons to cover the story too. Watch it happen in the video below, although I would advise you to hold your heart if you are a true Tesla lover!

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