This Is What Happens When You Burn 6000 Matches Together

6000 matches burnt

What do you feel when you light a match? Yeah, quite boring. However, if you were able to light a total of 6,000 matches all at once – you would be amazed at the outcome. That’s exactly what one YouTuber did and the video has surpassed 7 million views on YouTube in only a week.You Won’t Believe How Amazing Burning 6,000 Matches Looks 2

According to a comment, ‘that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.’ The video is titled as ‘6000 Match Chain Reaction – Amazing Fire Domino’. It was posted on 14th March and is 15 minutes long.

Check it out below and let us know how you feel after looking at it. The whole process is just mesmerizing. Goes to show how something as mundane as just lighting a match can be transformed into an artwork.


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