This Is What A Bird Strike Can Do To An Airplane

How Safe Is An Airplane

Are you among those who are afraid of flying? If the answer is yes then you are actually justified. Taking to air for the sake of transportation can be scary. Why? Because not much is in your control in case of a tragedy. Let’s face it, there’s not much you can do if an airplane has a malfunction and plummets to the ground. The most that you can do is to rely on a parachute and hope it works (given that you know how to make it work.)
How Safe Is An Airplane 2

How Safe Is An Airplane

Just to give you an idea about what can go wrong; the Egyptair 77-866 airplane that was approaching London’s Heathrow Airport recently underwent a situation when a bird made a direct hit with plane’s nose. The impact resulted in a gaping hole in the nose of the plane. Although 70 of the passengers remained unharmed and were probably not even aware of what had happened but it just goes to show that how unpredictable it can be when you are flying in air.

The hole was repaired on the same day and the plane was back to service on next day when it took off according to schedule. Here are two videos that show how devastating a hit by a bird or birds can be.

Here are some more incidents of Bird strikes that brought down airplanes.

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