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This is What Can Happen When You Forget To Remove Ice From Your Car

The Winter season is in full swing and every morning, we are greeted with frosty cars in our garages and driveways. Though the engine starts easily enough thanks to better ignition technology, the issue of siphoning off the ice remains there. Many of us just remove whats blocking our front and back views and step on the gas. We ignore just how important it is to clear the snow from our windshields every time we go for a drive. This guy also didn’t pay attention to cleaning his car’s windows and this is what happened to the car behind him:

It is mighty fortunate that the motorist behind was in a car. Imagine what could have happened if he was on a motorbike? The ice would have probably cut through his skin in addition to causing a major accident on the road. This is why you need to clean your windows from the snow! Remember that!