This Is The World’s Most Socially Distanced Sailing Office In New York


Improv Everywhere, the YouTube channel that rose to popularity due to their infamous pranks and public experiments have come up with something new again.

To everyone’s amusement, we saw afloat NYC’s most socially distance office in the East River.

Pedestrians and fellow boaters were astonished when they saw a raft turned office afloat on the shore on Pebble Beach in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. The socially distanced office setup was first witnessed on Monday.

The raft is equipped with a battery-operated computer, a water cooler, and cozy office furniture.

Tideland Institute has been working towards promoting culture on the city’s water and thus collaborated with Improv Everywhere to design this raft, fulfilling a socially distanced office’s needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The teammates demonstrated to the onlookers that the raft switched to an office was part of a recent program. They also displayed how floating offices would look soon and would work best for social distancing protocols.

This demonstration left the onlookers with smiles on their faces making this prank successful. Especially given the sky-high rentals in NYC, this might be the cheapest way to get the East River as your background view.


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