This Is The World’s First Naturally-Lit And Anti-Eye Strain Monitor

For many, the hours spent in front of a traditional computer monitor can be tiring and harsh on the eyes. To address this issue, various alternatives like E-ink and RLCD screens have been developed, which rely on reflective ambient light rather than emitting harsh backlight. Now, a new and innovative solution is emerging in the form of the Eazeye monitor, which leverages the power of natural ambient light.

Eazeye is the brainchild of 17-year-old high school student Louis Huang, who aimed to create a more affordable, low-eye-strain, and low-power-consumption monitor. Unlike traditional monitors that emit light through the screen, the Eazeye monitor features a reflector panel behind a transmissive screen. This unique design allows it to utilize the ambient light from its surroundings, providing a gentler, more relaxing viewing experience. A 24-inch screen with 1080p resolution, a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz, and a million color display are features of the Eazeye monitor. It is an environmentally responsible option because it uses only 5 watts of electricity, which is a huge reduction from that of a traditional monitor.

One of the distinguishing features of Eazeye is its warm 4,000K LED strip, which limits blue light exposure, making it more comfortable for prolonged use. This design decision not only benefits eye health but also ensures that the monitor’s lighting matches typical room lighting, reducing the need for the eyes and brain to adjust.

Eazeye operates in two primary modes: “night mode” and “day mode.” In night mode, with the LED backup backlight on, the screen provides a comfortable and dimmer viewing experience, suitable for regular tasks and even video watching. In day mode, positioned in front of a window or outdoors, the monitor relies on natural sunlight as the backlight. However, challenges such as glare and the brightness outside the window can affect the viewing experience, requiring users to adjust their setup accordingly.

While the Eazeye monitor may not be perfect for everyone, it’s a significant step towards providing a more eye-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional monitors. At $549, it offers a more budget-friendly option than e-ink or RLCD screens, albeit with some limitations that may affect specific use cases.

Eazeye has already surpassed its crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo, indicating strong interest in its unique concept. While there are some pre-production issues to address, the enthusiasm and vision of its young creator, Louis Huang, make this innovation a promising addition to the world of displays. As individuals who suffer from eye strain experiment with this groundbreaking technology, we may gain a better understanding of its potential to offer a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience, ultimately benefiting users’ eye health and well-being.

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