These High-Resolution Virtual Windows Let You Add Stunning Views Wherever You Want

In a world where not everyone has access to stunning vistas or even traditional windows, American company LiquidView offers a unique and inventive solution—virtual windows. These high-resolution digital wonders not only provide breathtaking views but also seamlessly blend into any space.

LiquidView’s approach to a windowless world is both ingenious and visually captivating. Comprising a series of high-resolution digital panels and an installation kit that effortlessly integrates them into any environment, these virtual windows present an appealing alternative. What sets them apart is the subscription-based content library, offering access to captivating locations worldwide. The dedicated smartphone app synchronizes this library with your local time, ensuring an immersive experience.

The content itself is a visual marvel, as LiquidView collaborates with cinematographers of National Geographic caliber. Using feature film motion picture cameras, they record a full day in stunning 8K video. LiquidView’s website explains, “To add to the unpredictability of looking out a window, views are augmented with photo-realistic content that appears randomly throughout the day.”

Each virtual window package includes a trim-ready installation kit, one or multiple high-quality 4K Sony commercial displays (depending on the model chosen), and entry to the company’s exclusive content library. In terms of pricing, LiquidView offers a single-panel Virtual Window for $25,000, while the larger three-panel option is available for $100,000.

LiquidView’s CEO and filmmaker, Mitch Braff, understands the transformative power of these windows. He stated, “Like so many people, I have lived in homes and worked in offices with no views or terrible ones. Improving people’s lives by giving anyone a beautiful view was the catalyst for starting LiquidView. Our windows literally transform rooms.”

While these virtual windows cannot provide ventilation and come with an added electricity cost, for many, the opportunity to wake up to virtually any view imaginable is well worth it.

Noah Kaplan, founder and president of Leon Speakers, envisions the revolutionary potential of LiquidView’s Virtual Windows. “I believe with the Virtual Window, LiquidView offers a disruptive solution that can completely transform how you experience a space. This product has the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges that architects and designers face. Imagine being able to provide a view to anywhere in the world, in any space. It’s mind-blowing really,” he commented.

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