This Is The World’s First Carbon-Neutral Synthetic-Fuel-Driven Hypercar – By De Tomaso


Italian performance brand De Tomaso has revealed its P900 which is a track-only V12-powered hypercar with a 900kg dry weight and 900hp (662kW) output, according to a report by CarExpert published on Wednesday.

Only 18 units of this marvel will be produced globally and each unit will be of US $3 million. 

“At De Tomaso, we pay an enormous amount of attention to the driving experience, in part a large majority of this complex matrix can be attributed to the sounds and vibrations, in essence, the feeling of a naturally aspirated engine firing on all cylinders,” said CEO Norman Choi according to a press release.  

De Tomaso claims it will be “the world’s-first carbon neutral V12.” 

“This venture into synthetic fuels represents our commitment to the pursuit of a zero-emissions mobility future without sacrificing the crucial element which we all hold so dear – the soul and symphony of an engine,” added Choi.

The P900 still has a long way to go before being available as it is slated for launch in Q2 of next year at various motor shows and its powertrain development will continue into late 2024.

Customers who can’t wait that long and want to take home their P900 right away will be provided with a temporary powertrain package in the form of a “Formula One-derived V10 engine supplied by Judd Power with bespoke components instilled by Capricorn.” 

De Tomaso claims the P900 has undergone aerodynamic testing and development in a Formula 1 team’s wind tunnel. It has also been designed by Jowyn Wong and Jakub Jodlowski, the duo behind the De Tomaso P72, the famous two-seater model. 

“Our design team has spent a tremendous amount of time overhauling the visual queues of the P72 into a far more performance-focused offering,” said the lead designer of the car Wong. 

“The result, we feel, is a car which is aggressive by nature yet still romantic, invoking the emotions of 60s/70s Le Mans Prototypes whilst maintaining a unique and distinctive design language.”


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