This Is The World’s Fastest Electric Dirtbike – And It Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Stark Future, a new Swedish electric dirt bike manufacturer, has recently introduced the most revolutionary electric dirt bike to shake up the industry in years. The Stark Varg combines high power and torque with a design that should allow it to compete with and even outperform gas-powered bikes in almost every way except pricing.

The Varg is 11 kg (24.2 lb.) heavier than the FIM’s minimum weight for an unfueled MXGP racer, weighing 110 kg (242 lb.). So, it’s a little porky compared to international-grade racers, but once the gasoline is in, the Varg more than makes up for it when you open the throttle.
The Stark Varg is a truly European product, having been developed in Sweden for the previous two years and now going into production in Barcelona. The bike may not scream as loudly as its gas-powered competitors, but its specifications are far more impressive.

Bike can also sit still if required
Credit: Stark Future

The peak horsepower is a whopping 80. Peak torque is a similarly insane 275 Nm (203 lb-ft) at the motor, which becomes a simply hilarious 938 Nm (692 lb-ft) at the rear tyre thanks to the magic of gearing. To summarize, if you ask gently, the Varg will most likely wheelie. It may even be capable of towing a caravan.
The bike also includes several innovative features, such as a ruggedized smartphone controller mounted on the handlebars. It fits into a holder and allows the rider to make adjustments on the fly, with dozens of power maps and profiles to choose from. And if you’re big in customization, you can start looking for graphics kits now because with this dirtbike, it’s definitely possible.

You can fling it in a pair
Credit: Stark Future

The Varg is also highly customizable right out of the box, with riders able to choose their suspension, wheel size (18?? or 19??), and even whether they want their rear brake to be actuated by a foot pedal or a hand lever.
Riders may get the full-power Stark Varg for $12,900, or a somewhat less powerful variant for $11,900.

Orders can be placed right now with a $100 deposit, but don’t expect to ride until October 2022.

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