This Expandable Teardrop Camper Can Stretch Into A Panoramic Multi-Room Cabin


The new Campravan Raptor XC from Turkish builder Hunter Nature Caravan has a long slide-out that adds an entire room, allowing the small off-roader to accommodate a family with a master bedroom, dining area, indoor kitchen, and wet bathroom. Also, it combines a layout like a larger caravan with the towing footprint of a teardrop.

Hunter Nature wanted to keep up with the high demand for campers and started building caravans in 2019. It relies on the type of construction materials common in Australian and US off-road camper builds like steel chassis, independent suspension, and aluminum-sandwich body construction.

The Raptor XC is designed to follow a Land Rover Defender or Toyota Land Cruiser over the river and through the woods to a quiet, remote campsite. It can be for a quick, single-night stay during a long expedition or for a full weekend or weeklong camping trip. It has exterior and interior aluminum walls with XPS insulation and rides atop BFGoodrich all-terrain tire-shod alloy wheels cushioned by an independent suspension system.

The master bedroom has its own doorway

The extension is manually operated as standard but can be equipped with a remote-controlled motor system. It elongates the trailer body from 15.7 to 22.6 feet (4.8 to 6.9 m).

The slide-out has a master bedroom that can be used as a private, dedicated space with a double bed, overhead shelves, and an absolute panorama created by dual skylights and long side windows. A doorway separates the bedroom from the main cabin, where an L-shaped dining lounge sits behind the kitchenette. The scissor-lifted dining table drops down at night to create a 35 x 75-in (90 x 190-cm) single bed for a third camper. The kitchen has a dual-burner gas stove and sinks below a glass lid, 75-L fridge, and L-shaped stainless-steel counter.

Right after the kitchen, it has a private wet bath complete with a solid door, a rarity in a teardrop trailer. It comprises a toilet, sink, and shower.

The Raptor XC's signature extension comes standard as a manual slide-out but can also be equipped with remote-controlled electric operation

The main cabin has the same kind of bright, open window array as the bedroom, two full-length skylights joining a curved front kitchen window and long side windows in eliminating the divide between trailer interior and great outdoors.

The Raptor XC is powered by a 120-Ah gel battery wired into a 160-W solar panel. A touchscreen panel provides system information and control of various onboard components. The trailer carries fresh water in a 120-L stainless steel tank and wastewater in a 100-L aluminum tank. A Truma Combi heater heats the water and the cabin.

It can provide off-road toughness and maneuverability and at-camp space and comfort. It is priced at €39,000 (approx. US$43,900) in Germany, which, when converted to AU$61,800, doesn’t look so bad in comparison to high-end Australian small off-road trailers like the Offline Domino or Sherpa BRS. Still, it is quite expensive.


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