This Is The The World’s First Wearable Air Conditioning Collar That Keeps You Cool, Always

If you want to stay cool and comfortable, you might be tempted to know about the Metaura Pro, a new wearable air conditioner. The world’s first wearable air conditioner, capable of continuously blowing cold air at a temperature 7 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the ambient temperature.

The mini wearable air conditioner comes with a companion app for complete management and a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge. When the Metaura Pro is low and dry, the 22-watt rapid charging technology allows you to charge it quickly.

The Metaura Pro is 435 kilos in weight and is powered by a dual PWM motor. It contains 26 lightweight Fin cooling modules around the wearer’s neck to disperse heat. The motor is attached to a high-speed fan at the rear of the gadget, which distributes some of the warm air around the neck as well.

“What sets Metaura Pro apart from the competition is that it produces cold air lower than the surrounding ambient temperature, refreshing you during those dog days of summer. In conjunction with an efficient semi-conductor chip and three skin-friendly cooling plates that enfolds completely to the back and sides of your neck, Metaura Pro delivers truly personal air-conditioned space that cools down your entire body” the product website reads.

With the expectation that the Metaura Pro crowdfunding campaign meets its pledge target and that fulfilment goes smoothly, worldwide shipping is projected to begin around May 2022.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the Metaura Pro wearable personal air-conditioner project.

“Conventional portable fans don’t produce a cold airstream in a hot environment; they only circulate heated air mixed with the ambient temperature. The stronger the wind blows, the hotter you get. This is definitely not what you want during those sweltering summer days. That’s why we created Metaura Pro; to deliver a more advanced portable cooling solution,” it added.

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