This Is One Of The Best Hoverboards In The Market Right Now


Hoverboards or powered standing scooters are one of the most enjoying popular rides that have come up in recent times. Due to their increasing popularity, we are covering more and more of this news on these personal rides. Here we introduce you to one of the best hoverboards in town that has gotten best reviews on the internet, and that is the Skque 8″ self-balancing scooter/hoverboard that comes with a Bluetooth speaker and front LED lights. Here is what you can expect from a hoverboard of this level.
At a first glance, the Skque board looks like a heavy-duty machine as the wheels are much bigger than average hoverboards. The enhanced housing also makes it look bigger than usual and as a result, big-boned people and fat guys feel comfortable while balancing on it. It can carry weights up to an impressive 265 pounds, but all of this also makes the hoverboard heavier than usual, and it weighs a significant 30 pounds. Some might find it too heavy, but the truth is that it is simply not meant for kids and light folks. You can try the lighter designs of Monorover R2 and Erover if you fall in that category.

The main distinctive feature of the hoverboard is its amazing set of Bluetooth speakers. It converts the hoverboard into a portable entertainment unit, and you can literally attract a whole crowd with a cool thing like this. It also comes with a small wireless remote that you can use to turn the board on and off at will. This is mainly contending for newbies because they want to turn this thing off when they aren’t using for some reason.

The maximum speed of the scooter is a little less than its competitors at 6.2 miles, but I guess with this kind of weight holding capacity, we were indeed getting less speed. It can also run for an excellent 15 miles depending on the terrain and the body weight being balanced. It is more than enough to cater for the inner cravings of your lazy self and reduce walking.

So, for 499 $, you can get this beast of a board on Amazon. It also comes in an even bigger model with 10″ wheels. I wonder how that will be like! If you are interested in getting one, you can get it at the best price here

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