This Is How You Can Transform Your Truck Into A Caravan At Home


Travelling seems fascinating or intriguing when you have a comfortable car ride. But it becomes more fun when you can accommodate a lot of your friends in one vehicle, so that you can sing, dance, and have the time of your life. Trucks can be the best option for you, in this regard. They are really accommodating when it comes to your luggage and friends.

Through a little effort, you can make your truck a bliss during long, tiresome journeys. Here is how you can make your truck look better, both from the inside as well as the outside.

The first step is to start off with a basic welded frame.


The plywood boards would then be added to the basic structure followed by two-by-fours.


Once the exterior is complete, it is necessary to give a finished look to the interior.


In order to make the truck more safe, insulation is to be added for protection.


The next step is to give the exterior of the pick up a pretty look by adding a coat of any color you may like.


And then the pick up is installed over the truck.


The racks would be a nice addition to the pickup for keeping your clothes and other stuff.


Make sure you have all the things you may need during the trip.


What is a trip without a nice and comfortable bed? So we add a bed to make ourselves sleep peacefully.


Some more racks mean additional storage space.


Make sure you have stock of those snacks to keep you full throughout the journey.


And we are good to go!


This proves that a bit of effort can make sure that you and your companions enjoy the journey throughout and you can go to your favourite destination without any worries.


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