This Is How You Can Make Your Own Edible Water Bottle At Home


Ooho is an innovative edible water “bottle” designed by three Londoners making all the headlines. With a catchy tagline, “Water you can eat,” it is a consumable spherical packaging of water created out of seaweed. But what if you want to create one for yourself? Today, we are going to tell you how!

Pic Credits: Inhabitat

In the words of The Telegraph, “Drunk your water? Now eat the bottle it came in.”
This edible blob creation is quite innovative as it helps in finding a solution for the ever increasing plastic waste problem. While you can always buy Ohoo from the company’s website, we are going to reveal a very simple process, spherification, which you can use to create your personal gelatin based edible water “bottle.”

To create a homemade Ooho,  use sodium alginate and calcium chloride to go by the formula of the designers. You can also replace the calcium chloride with calcium lactate, which will result in a less tough but equally fascinating membrane.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your personalized Ooho at home now and let us know how your blobs turn out!

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