This Is How You Can Make A Generator That Runs On Wood

A YouTube Channel ‘Experimental Fun’ released a video showing how you can make a generator which can run on the wood. First, he took a metal container and cut the upper end of it using an electric saw. The lower part of the vessel was kept aside to be used later while the upper portion was attached on a wooden base. Once it was attached to the wooden base, a hole was created on the lower part, and a steel can was fixed into it. This part of the generator is called gasifier. Another box was placed inside the gasifier, its lid was drilled, and a bolt was fixed. This would be used for burning grass and wood.

For the next step the host took two mason jars and fixed them inside four nails so that when the reaction begins, the pots won’t fall off and break. He took the cap of the jar, drilled a hole and fixed two screws in it. These screws were used to attach a copper coil. The other mason jar lid was also pierced, but instead of connecting a coil inside, he fixed two pieces of the coil on the outside and sealed the holes. The mason jar with round coil was filled with water while the other one was filled with wood shavings and paper till the top of the jar.

The metal jar with water was attached directly to the one placed inside the gasifier using the bolts. The three jars have a common pipe connection which will collect the gas released. The complete system is further connected to a 24 Volt motor which will act as the electric generator, a two-stroke 25 CC engine. Since the generator cannot work without an inverter, therefore, a 100-watt inverter and a voltage regulator is also installed in the system.

Before the generator starts, the gasifier can need to be filled with wood and wood shavings. The base and sides of the gasifier are also lined with woods and then set on fire. Soon after the fire starts burning, the mason jar with water starts getting bubbles in it because of the steam. Meanwhile, the mutual connection outlet of the three jars also starts producing steam. Once the complete system is ready, the motor is started, and it starts running on the gas produced from the gasifier. To verify the working of the generator, the host used an electric bulb which lights up to show the success of the experiment. Watch the video below to see how this generator was successfully created.

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