This Is How You Can Change The Cabin Air Filter In Your Car

how to change cabin air filter of your car

The cabin air filter in the car is essential since it purifies the air that enters the vehicle while you are driving. If it is left unchanged for a long time, it can affect you in many ways. A car dealer can charge up to $100 to change the cabin air filter. However, you can save your time and money if you do it yourself. You can get a new filter for $30, and within 10 to 20 minutes, you can change it as well.

Two brothers run the YouTube channel Boost Brothers, Bozi and Bojan Tatarevic. They published a video demonstrating how you can change the air filter. The car they used for the demonstration purpose is Subaru WRX. Several vehicles have their air filter in a slot behind the glove box. You can reach the cabin air filter by first removing the glove box and then inspecting the filter for dirt. You can either clean it or replace it if it’s not in a condition to be cleaned. Usually, a car’s air filter is inspected after every 10,000 miles. Watch the video below to learn how you can change the air filter in your car cabin yourself.

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