Do You Know About The WiFi Syndrome? Here’s Everything You Need To Know


WiFi syndrome or allergies are also referred to the electromagnetic hypersensitivity¬†(EHS) which can make people suffer from unexplained headaches, dizziness and skin irritation due to a sensitivity to the electromagnetic field sources. In one case, a 15 years old girl committed suicide due to the EHS. The family of the girl reported that the WiFi signals caused her so much pain that she ended up taking her own life. WHO acknowledges the disorder and states on its website,¬†“EHS is not a medical diagnosis. There is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF (electromagnetic frequency) exposure.”

The YouTube channel SciShow explored this complex and controversial topic from all angles and gave a well-founded analysis. The clip takes a look at the real symptoms of EHS and WiFi syndrome and reviews where they can originate from.

wifi syndrome

The video discusses the outcomes and limitations of the studies and shows what they can include in the nocebo effect. Check out this video to see how EHS or WiFi syndrome can affect the human brain.


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