This Is How The Finest Quality Hand-Crafted Cricket Bats Are Produced

Cricket is one of the most renowned sports after football, and it originated from England in the 16th century. Later, the sport spread across all the British colonies where it is played till date even after those colonies got independence.

The game has approximately 2.5 billion fans across the globe. And such a popular game with a high following asks for equipment, especially the cricket bats.

Finest Quality Hand-Made Cricket Bats From Pakistan

Cricket is the most enjoyed game in Pakistan, where people follow it with great passion. You’ll find children playing street cricket since there early childhood. And this leads to producing a lot of potentially talented players for its international team.

No wonder such craze for the game where Pakistani city Sialkot is famous for producing the best quality of sports goods world-wide, and cricket bats are no exception.

MB Malik sports from Sialkot have been producing the best quality handmade cricket bats since 1964. They import English Willow wood from England, and cane handles are imported from Singapore, respectively. These best quality materials, when combines with the handcrafting talent, produces the finest bats.

The Youtube channel ‘Made Here’ brings us a detailed insight video into these finest quality bats’ entire production processes. Starting all the way from the first step of getting a raw piece of wood to hand-crafting it and using some old-school machinery to finish the product.

The process includes whittling, shaving, and sanding of the wood. Note that making the finest quality bats perfect from all angles and dimensions for the most effective results on the ground isn’t an easy feat.

It requires a lot of detailed attention in every step to make sure it is crafted to perfection. Many local and international players use bats made in Sialkot, and the reason is simple, they offer unmatched quality.

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