Brian Dean (379K Subscribers) Explains How To Get More YouTube Subscribers In 2020 Fast?

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You would be surprised to know that among all the people on Earth, it has been calculated that the average playing time of YouTube is met when everyone on our planet spends nine minutes on the platform watching something. This amounts to a humungous one billion hours of engagement YouTube gets, every day. 

This provides businesses with the opportunity to utilize the platform and promote their organisation to a whole other level. It is quite natural that there are millions of channels on the platform and to succeed and become one of the best, you have to plan your next step carefully and only go through with the plan only if it has the maximum potential of making your business flourish. Some people take advantage to online marketing services and buy YouTube subscribers for cheap to increase their fan base quickly and get minimum watch hours to monetize their channel and earn a decent living.

In this video, Brian explains the most effective strategies that he used to grow his channel to over 350k subscribers.

We interviewed more than 5K top YouTuber’s and came up with the most effective startegy. Here are some more tips from us that would help you increase your subscribers and get more playing time on YouTube.

Make your channel visually attractive

This may be a bit rough, but sometimes you and your audience may not have the same views about everything. The first thing you need to do is evaluate your channel through the eyes of an outsider. Check your channel and go back to when you first started uploading videos and think if you still want it up there for your customers to see.

If you see that your old content may in any way inhibit the process of your channel’s growth, do not hesitate to delete the videos. Honestly speaking, we all make mistakes and it is important that we learn from them. These videos if not related to your niche may cause your clients dilemma and that is definitely not good as a first impression. Remember to keep your channel clean and specific to a genre.

Create engaging content

This may seem like the easiest advice to give, but sometimes the most effective ways are ones that don’t need much explaining. Post original content and always look to engage your audience in the videos. Like asking them to comment on anything, taking the time to thank them, and even hosting polls. To improve the engagement on video some people do buy high retention youtube views from online websites. If you buy these services make sure views are real and watch time is more. Always look to post content that is the best you can offer. Never settle for topics and presentations that you have a second thought about. Just know that if you like your video when you watch it, most people are likely to find the video amazing. This takes us to the next point.


This is one of the most important areas that need serious thinking. Whether to script your videos or not? You can try to rely on your ability to speak impromptu but it is not always the best idea. The time you take to make a video considering various angles and possibilities is what makes the project good. Rather than saying what comes on your mouth spontaneously, it is advised to take time and figure out what to say and when. Try listening to the script over and over and find the areas that make you want to stop the recording. It is only through trial and error will you be able to make videos that engage people and in turn, increase your subscribers on YouTube.

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