This Is How The 2016 Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe Looks Like


As expected, the unofficial patent pictures of Sedan and Coupe versions of the new Civic are a little toned down from the concept car presented by Honda in New York last month. These alterations were expected as the flashy designs of concept cars rarely make it to the commercial showrooms due to the high cost of manufacturing, and in some cases, unfeasible design.


The design recovered from the actual patents of Honda reveal how the actual Coupe is going to have an all-new platform same as that of the concept car. The platform is much advanced and it will undermine all previous ones so as to say. It’s  body sculpture will be toned down due to the removal of concept’s deep front, rear air dams, big wheels and impractically small side mirrors. There is a significant change in the car’s headlights as well as it won’t have the full LED version of it.

However, many things are retained from the concept car like it will have the same awesome metal work and full-width rear light arrangement. However, we know that the sportier versions and modifications will lead to the car looking exactly like its concept counterpart. 


The Sedan version is also covered by Honda’s patents. It retains the sloping top that resembles the coupe version. Plus it has a completely redesigned rear for better driving experience and lesser drag. Overall, except for some flashy curves, the sedan looks more or less like the concept car presented given below. The Sedan and Coupe versions have similar rear and windscreen with the rear half of the vehicles exhibiting the main difference.

Civic Concept

These models are version 10.0 of the Civic family and we haven’t yet considered the hatchback five-door version for now. It looks like the 9th version will carry on for the time being due to its popular demand. Not much is known about the technical details of the new civic but it is expected that the cars will boast the conventional 2.0 L normally aspirated engine with four cylinders and 1.5 L turbocharged all fours. The Honda VTEC technology will carry on in the engine.
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