How A Car Engine Works? (Animation)

car engine animation

Every car has an engine. So as a driver you must have wondered how the car engine works? Interestingly, most books have an elaborate explanation of how engines work but they are often very complex to understand. In this video below, the working of the car engine is explained. Alongside the basic functionality, the animation also explains the salient features that make the engine more efficient.

Which car do you own? What are the unique technologies in your car’s engine compared to other brands? Let us know in comments below.


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how car engine works

how car engine works?

Posted by Technology Today on Saturday, April 18, 2015

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  1. Amol Powale Reply

    Very informative video. Excellent animation.
    I have question about non VVT-i car engines.
    If the car has 1196cc displacement engine with 4 cylinders 16V DOHC type and the Petrol Fuel system is SEFI
    So for given specification, what is optimum speed and RPM where I can get the best mileage for my car ?
    Please advise,

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