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This Is How Nissan Made The 2020 NISMO GT-R That Is The Fastest Ever Model Of The Car

Did you know that the 2020 NISMO GT-R is faster and costs more than ever before? So, how did Nissan make the 600 HP GT-R even quicker around a track? That’s a good question, and luckily we have the right person to answer this for you; Jason Fenske.

Our avid readers are well aware by now that we are in love with the Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske and his amazing YouTube videos. The guy has a deep appreciation and love for automotive, but we love him because of how he is able to break down even the most complex of discussions into something that is simple and straightforward. Jason Fenske will be explaining, in detail and in his usual style, how Nissan has successfully made 2020 NISMO GT-R the fastest GT-R ever.

The video’s description reads, ‘The 2020 NISMO GT-R is 2.5 seconds faster around Nissan’s development track than the 2019 NISMO GT-R. How does it do it? Changes have been made to the engine, with new, more responsive turbos, the body, with extensive carbon fiber used, the aerodynamics, the wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension. In fact, it may seem like this is just another variant of the car released in 2008, but quite a few of the systems have been reworked for even better results. Less turbo lag, more grip, and less weight all results in the fastest production GT-R Nissan has ever made. The question still remains, is the car too old to keep up with the competition at this point? And at over $200,000, is the new GT-R priced too high to remain competitive? Check out the video for a breakdown of all the details.’

Now that you have gone through the description of the video, it is indeed time to check the video out. So, watch the video below and do let us know what you think of it!

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