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Here’s How You Can Extend The Range Of Your Car Remote

increase range of keyless entry

Keyless entry for cars is a very useful tech developed by automotive companies. When combined with central locking ability, it has made getting in and out of cars very easy for us. But, their range is rather limited, and when we have to open our car from a distance, it doesn’t work beyond a certain distance that is mostly 50 60 feet. Sometimes, we are in need of locking it from a distance due to one reason or another, and the normal range isn’t good enough for us. It is then that you can use this simple trick to increase the range of your car remote that controls the locks wirelessly.

The key to increasing the range of your remote is by using your head, and I mean it literally. If you touch the remote to your head and then press the button, the range is increased manifolds. For an even better result, place it under your chin and open your mouth to see the astonishing distance you can actually reach with your remote. Funny how our head works as an antennae booster but doesn’t do around trying to boost your Wi-Fi signals with it!

Take a look at a practical demonstration of this new skill:

So, always use your head to solve problems. Well, not always like this!

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