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This Is How Much It Costs To Live Like James Bond

With the release of ‘Spectre’, the 24th entry in the ‘James Bond’ franchise, we decided to take a look into the cost of living like James Bond. The super spy sure lives a lavish life.

In his latest film, the Bond can be seen driving an Aston Martin DB10, skiing in Austrian Apls and visiting the Mexico City for the Day of the Dead festival. The DB10 is not on sale for the public (no surprises there), however, Aston Martin has released the DB9 GT Bond edition that costs $253,000. Moving on to five nights in the Alps and another five night in the Mexico would cost you about $2,100.

Let’s look into the dressing of the super spy. He wears Italian suits and when visiting the Alps was wearing a knitted sleeve bomber jacket with stirrup trousers that had been designed by Tom Ford, $3,820. Would any spy be complete without the amazing accessories? Nope! The Bond enjoys the Xperia Z5 smartphone in ‘Spectre’ that comes with a price tag of $840 and sports an OMEGA Seamaster 300 that costs around $6,000.

As per the novels, Mr. Bond lives in an apartment off the King’s Road in Chelsea – an expensive area of West London. One-bedroom property search reveals that the average cost would be around $1,223,000. This brings the total to $1,500,000 if you wish to live like James Bond while excluding the costs of Vodka Martinis.

A spokesperson for the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office says, “After some debate in the FCO press office we think Bond most approximates to a D7 salary (that at least is the level a colonel would be in the Ministry of Defence. Of course, Bond’s job doesn’t really exist so it’s impossible to really say!” This puts Bond’s annual income at $104,800 and that means either he is privately wealthy or he owes a lot of money!