Prince Philip’s Bond-style Aston Martin Is Up For Auction

Prince Philip's Aston Martin5

So it seems Sean Connery’s portrayal of British 007 agent James Bond wasn’t the only one who could pull off the hype around the famous Aston Martin of the character. Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II had this 195, Lagonda Drophead Coupe that had special attachments for the Royal family to communicate and get ready for their royal responsibilities most of which involved dressing up and turning up at the right moment in the right place. The 62-year-old car was specially designed for the then young prince and was in his use for a better part of the decade. It is recently up for auction and is expected to fetch around 400,000£ for the seller.

Prince Philip's Aston Martin4

James Bond’s Aston Martin had impossible gadgetry to aid his skills like bullet proof window screen, 7.6 mm machine guns, a tracking system, an ejector seat, a weapons tray and a nail maker that make special spiked nails for Mr. Bond to use. The Royal Aston Martin, on the other hand, had a special radio, the telephone (since mobile phones weren’t invented) which he used to prank call the Buckingham Palace and a special vanity mirror for the queen where she could add last touches to her outlook before making an appearance. It has only done 50,000 miles in its entire life and therefore, it must be in an amazing condition since it has been recently serviced as well. The wireless telephone is the most intriguing piece of gadgetry from that era, and it could prove a great addition to any collection of classic cars. There is also a little bit of history attached to this car as the owner and the Queen rode on it to inaugurate the M1 motorway and make appearances in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

Prince Philip's Aston Martin3 Prince Philip's Aston Martin2 Prince Philip's Aston Martin

H&H Auctions will be conducting the auction and just like any Royal family artefact; it will surely fetch a lot of money with dual connections being made to James Bond and the Royal family itself.


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