Mitsubishi And Nissan Admit That They Have Been Cheating The Consumers On Fuel Consumption

Fuel economy testing

We all remember how the hearts of auto lovers across the globe were melted when a prestigious company like Volkswagen was found guilty of rigging its emissions tests on a series of its latest cars. As a result, the increasingly high popularity of the company took a serious hit and now it is embroiled in a legal tussle with the US government and it is very likely to face a heavy fine and constraints in future. It wasn’t like Volkswagen was the only one cheating on tests as Ford and even Toyota have been found guilty of not properly conducting various tests. Now they are being joined by Mitsubishi Motors that has just released a statement that more than 625,00 cars had not been properly tested for fuel economy over the course of last three years. So what does it translate for the Japanese auto manufacturer? Surely some kind of financial and regulatory restrictions will do the trick!

mitsubishi fuel economy cheat3

Interestingly, the models included two of its own cars and two models that the company sold to Nissan. They include the eK Wagon, the eK Space, the Dayz, and Dayz Roox. The testing was done with an adulterated resistance number which would have increased fuel economy only in the cars being tested. Sound familiar?

The ramifications of this coverup were devastating for the company’s finances as the shares took a hit of more than 15 percent since this was announced by the firm. The improper testing numbers were discovered by an independent testing mission commissioned by Nissan and the sale was immediately stopped, but even then this kind of drop in the stock price was expected just like in the case of Volkswagen itself. But, Volkswagen was guilty of tampering with over 11 million cars and the number from Mitsubishi is much smaller in comparison. The company is also smaller than the German Goliath and therefore, the company is also expected to take a relatively lower fall for this act.

mitsubishi fuel economy cheat

So, as expected, most of these companies do cheat on and off to make profits. Wonder what else they will do to remain on top of the food chain? Let us know in the comments!


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