This Is How Japanese Baggage Handlers Treat Your Luggage At The Airport

baggage handlers in japan treating bags

A video filmed from the inside of a plane at an airport in Japan shows how the baggage handlers treat the luggage of the passengers. The video shows the baggage handling crew which is waiting for the suitcases to come down a conveyor belt. The crew handles the bags with utmost delicacy and gentleness. They adjust the bags to keep them nicely and in order. This maximizes the capacity of each cart and speeds up the total process to help passengers get their bags quickly.

The people arranging the bags have to put a lot of effort into every tag they see since they are separated and sorted, and any mistake can cause delays for those flights. However, one YouTuber has called them out for treating the bags too carelessly. “I think they handled the luggage they flip over around too roughly. What if there was something breakable inside?”

A baggage handler from the UK explains why they cannot do it saying, “We are under serious time constraints and are constantly understaffed. The targets set by the companies are so unrealistic, it can be very demoralising. 95% of the aircraft we have, have 5 times times the amount of bags on, compared to this video. In a 12 hour shift, you can expect to be given anywhere from 5-10 jobs totalling well over 5000 bags handled. Imagine having to make 5000 calls a day in a call centre, I guarantee by the 1000th call you would not have the same enthusiasm as the first call you made that day.”

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