Musk Personally Delivers Tesla Model 3 To Customer In New Plastic-Free System Trial

tesla model 3 delivery

Tesla has recently launched a new delivery system for its vehicles. The first customer received his Tesla Model 3 delivered to his home by Elon Musk himself. The new owner of the Tesla Model 3 was ecstatic to not only receive his car but by having it delivered by Musk. He took to Twitter to show his happiness about his unforgettable day. Musk also posted a tweet saying that the special delivery starring him was a trial for a new ‘super convenient’ delivery system. The system will also be eco-friendly since it saves on the usual plastic wrapping.

The pictures posted by the new customer shows the blue car being delivered in a giant crate. Musk explained that the new process uses enclosed trailers to transport the vehicles directly from factories to buyers home in pristine condition. Musk has been working on various efficiency tweaks regarding the sale and delivery of his cars. A customer also reported about extensive wait issues with acquiring contracts, after that Musk tweeted about a new paperless solution.

The new option looks like a digital signature enabled contract which has become quite common these days. The option will also be made available for the returns. Removing the paper trail is eco-friendly, however, Musk is still concerned with the efficiency. In July, Reddit released a thread on the company’s new 5-minute sign and drive policy to order Model 3. People these days are always in a hurry, and Tesla is trying to please them with instant deliveries and paperwork. The company is also increasing its productions to fulfill the increased demand.

Upon a backlog issue reported to Musk on Twitter, he responded by referencing the company’s impressive increase in delivery rates. He said that the growth was equivalent to ‘hitting a square wave.’ Tesla Model 3 made its debut in Europe this month. It is expected that the delivery rate of the firm will grow further in the future.

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