This Innovative Japanese Machine Converts Plastic Into Oil

Machine to convert Plastic into oil2

Plastics are the ultimate trash and scourge of the modern society. They are non-biodegradable or combustible, and they continue to be there for millenniums and still not chemically decompose. But since we cannot live without this plastic trash, we are slowly suffocating Earth with its presence. All our fresh water bodies are affected by their over usage, and soon we will be looking towards lesser numbers of marine life and greater contamination. There have been attempts to deal with the situation by chemical engineers and scientists like converting Plastic bottles into rope or wire, converting them into a strandĀ of thread for making garments, etc. Now a Japanese innovator has made a machine that can chemically convert the plastics into oil.

Machine to convert Plastic into oil

Akinori Ito, the guy behind this amazing invention, uses a tabletop machine to convert useless plastic rubbish into crude oil. The converter can transform 2 lbs of useless plastic junk into a quart of oil using just one kilowatt-hour or unit of electricity to do it. The machine can work with all kinds of common plastics like styrofoams, polystyrene and polypropylene. It is a very simple device in construction, and you can make oil production a household thing with the help of this concept. It will also help reducing the carbon footprint on the face of the Earth, and it can also be shipped via air.

But, the utility of this machine is more than economics. It is getting rid of the goliath of problems that accompany the ugly side of consumerism. We throw away millions and millions of tons of plastic trash away and it’s a constant headache for the government, environmentalists and public alike. This machine could eventually change all that!


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