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This Incredibly Simple Hack Uses A Pair Of Clothespins To Keep Your Headphones From Tangling

Tangled headphones are one of the most annoying and frustrating things in the world. Though it how they get so knotted remains a mystery, yet it truly irritating to untangle them each day.


Image Source: Geeksandbeats


This ingenious hack explains how you can bid goodbye to your days of struggling with the knotted headphones. All you need is a fairly strong hatred for tangled headphones, a pair of clothespins and some glue.

Take the clothespins and put them alongside, directed opposite from each other.

Next, employ a hot glue gun to apply glue along the entire length of one pin. Immediately, align the other clothes pin in the right direction and attach them together.

Image Source: An awesome Mess


Now, use this contraption to organize your headphones. Wrap the headphones wires around the space between the two pins as the headphones are held by the clips. Check out this video showing how to build this headphones organizer:




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