These M+D Crutches From The Future Will Make Movement A Painless Task


Whether one needs a crutch for temporary use or has to deal with them for a more permanent period; a device on which you depend for your basic movements should at least be painless for you. Although an average pair of crutches does what it is designed to do, the discomfort of supporting your weight under your armpits has called for the reinvention of the classic design.

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Mobility Designed has come up with a method that makes the crutches less painful and easier to maneuver. In a video about the M+D Crutch, Max Younger, who is the industrial designer and Co-Founder of Mobility Designed, explains how he was inspired to recreate the classic design after watching his father struggle with conventional crutches owing to a leg amputation.

© Aaron Lindberg Photography

The new M+D Crutch design allows the users to shift the crutch from the armpit to their elbows and forearms and absorb the impact of each step. The design also incorporates an unlockable elbow cradle which allows the user to move their arms up and down without removing their crutches, giving them a lot more independence and freedom. The handle on the crutches is rotatable and can be spun out-of-the-way for those users who prefer a more hands-free operation.

© Aaron Lindberg Photography

The M+D Crutches also focus on improving the grip of the design. Thus, users are given the option of changing the feet of the crutches from snow to ice, sand, and even for more athletic purposes with a press of a button. The flexible arm tabs allow the user to remove their crutches quickly, and have adjustable heights between 4 foot 7 inches to 6 foot 8 inches.

You can get a single crutch from the Mobility Designed website for $249, while a pair costs $499.

Max Younger talked about his invention,

“I hope that the M+D Crutch will help people enjoy life in a pain-free manner. At Mobility Designed, we believe that mobility should be pain-free and let you live the life you want to life.”

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