This Huge Self-Sufficient Floating City Could Host 40,000 People

Japan’s N-Ark has unveiled plans for an extraordinary self-sufficient floating city that aims to accommodate 40,000 residents and revolutionize urban living. Known as Dogen City, this ambitious project intends to address climate change-related sea level rises while providing essential resources like power, food, and water to its inhabitants.

Dogen City would have a perimeter of roughly 4 km (2.5 miles), making it strong enough to resist extreme weather and probable tsunamis. Around 10,000 full-time residents could be found in the primary dwelling area, also known as the livable ring, and 30,000 tourists might also be found there at any given time. Along with floating structures inside an artificial harbor, this circular city construction would also incorporate an underwater data center for city administration and medical research.

Greenery would be abundant in Dogen City, with dedicated spaces for food production, schools, sports areas, hospitals, parks, stadiums, hotels, and offices. Furthermore, N-Ark envisions incorporating a launch and landing site for rocket transportation, solidifying the city’s technological prowess.

Healthcare is a central focus in Dogen City, offering residents access to telemedicine consultations, high-tech blood analysis, robotic surgery, and drug research facilities. N-Ark estimates that the city would require approximately 2 million liters (530,000 gallons) of water consumption per year, generate 3,288 tons of annual waste disposal, and produce nearly 7,000 tons of food. The power needs would be met with an impressive 22,265,000 kW of generated energy, likely sourced from solar panels depicted in the renders.

While details regarding the project’s location and budget remain undisclosed, N-Ark envisions completing Dogen City by 2030. The realization of such an ambitious undertaking is uncertain, yet not implausible, given Japan’s track record with innovative architectural projects like the Line, which is currently under construction.

The issues presented by shrinking urban space and rising sea levels are creatively addressed by Dogen City. It provides a look into a future in which self-sufficient floating cities could reinvent human living by giving tens of thousands of people a safe, secure, and robust environment. More material will probably become available as the initiative develops, illuminating the viability and potential significance of this ground-breaking effort.

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