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This House Has Been Built After Taking Opinion Of 2 Million People

Welcome to Hemnet Home that appears to be just like another normal small family household, when you look at it first. However, here’s what sets it apart; it has been built based upon the opinion of 2 million people.

Once analysis was complete of 200 million clicks on 86,000 homes in Sweden, the country’s most famous real estate website took it upon itself to create a home that was based on the popular opinion of the people. Information regarding the colors and sizes of an ideal residence in country was collected and the result is this amazing home that is quite pleasant to live in and yet reflects the average opinion of the population.

The architects Tham & Videgård made use of Big Data to come up with averages of every home detail. The end result is this simple yet elegant home. There is room for bike storage available as well while an open recreational area on terrace is situated right next to the upstairs bedroom.

The highlight of the social space, however, for this house is the bright and big open kitchen. The huge windows in collaboration with the high ceiling account for the abundance of sunlight that is also highly efficient when it comes to reducing electricity consumption. The living room has a small center table along with a sofa that is quite spacious and comfortable chairs. All of these are in grey monochrome fabrics and natural materials. The living room also features a fireplace for those cold winter nights.

In total, there are three bedrooms and two baths in this house that measures in at 120m2. The interior imparts a modernistic feel while the outside is in rustic Scandinavian style. It will cost you $332,00 if you build this house from scratch in Sweden.
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