This 11.5 Million Dollar Home In The Middle Of Desert Can Survive A Nuclear Explosion

nuclear_proof_mansion (6)

Located in the middle of nowhere, in a deserted town called Yellow Jacket, Colorado (United States), there stands a 4,200 square foot mansion built in 2003 and costing $11.5 million. The price seems high even for a mansion in the middle of a desert, but there is a lot more to this big house than what meets the eye.

The walls of the mansion are made from reinforced concrete lined with a thick layer of steel, it has a seven-stage water filtration system, a 100-ft tall radio tower and even a helipad. This house is a ‘nuclear rated’ survival bunker, built to withstand the worst case scenarios but with a luxurious touch. The house interior is furnished with designer furniture and is one of the most beautiful interiors we have seen. It has all the luxuries one would want from a home and a bit more. The house has never had a single power outage in the last 10 years since its been built, Thanks to the solar panels, wind turbines and propane gas generators which provide the house with power even if the grid doesn’t. All of the survival amenities are hidden and the only tell-tale sign in the house which gives away it’s amazing capabilities are the overhead metal air ducts built to isolate the home’s air supply, in case the outside air becomes contaminated.

The house is available on the market for the first time and it’s high price is rightly justified. For those of you who would rather rent the house, the price is a nominal $19,500 a month per head. The price is a little steep, but when worse comes to worst, this luxury fortress is worth every penny. Images shown below.

The tower on the outside gives away the mansion’s true purpose

nuclear_proof_mansion (7)

Completely isolated, the mansion provides absolute privacy

nuclear_proof_mansion (10)

Inside, the house is luxuriously furnished as any mansion would be

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Hidden away from plain sight are all the features which make it a survival bunker

nuclear_proof_mansion (15)

nuclear_proof_mansion (14)

nuclear_proof_mansion (13)

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