This Amazing Tree Hotel In Sweden Will Blow You Away

Tree Hotel

Tree Hotel 12One thing that kids desperately want is a secret hideout of their own to have fun. The privacy and the chance to have a world of their own is something out of this world for kids. Unfortunately, Not everyone had the chance to live this dream as a child and perhaps, this is exactly why architects have designed and built a Tree Hotel in Sweden. So all of you who couldn’t live your dream as a child have an opportunity to do it now as an adult! Founders of this Tree Hotel are Britta and Kent. The end product of their brainstorming is an amazing feat of architecture which brings back the child in us and has left other hotels in awe. Avantgarde design has been merged with nature and the result is just marvelous.

Bird's Nest MirrorCube The CabinThe peculiar hotel has five rooms which have distinct and individual design. They are located at a height of about 13-19 feet from Harads village up in the trees. The concept of this Tree Hotel has been inspired from the movie by Jonas Selberg Augusten; The Tree Lover. The rooms cover an area of between 161 and 322 square feet. We have the Bird’s Nest, Mirrorcube and The Cabin among the list of rooms. Each comes with its own uniqueness. For example, Mirrorcube is a camouflaged room whose walls reflect the surrounding trees while The Cabin residents can look at the Lule River valley thanks to the panoramic windows.

Tree Hotel 11 Tree Hotel 10 Tree Hotel 9 Tree Hotel 8 Tree Hotel 7 Tree Hotel 6 Tree Hotel 5 Tree Hotel 4 Tree Hotel 3 Tree Hotel 2Those who are staying at Tree Hotel also have access to Sauna, hot tub and area designated for relaxation. So one may very well contemplate that Tree Hotel will let you and will assist you in becoming one with nature. All in all, it is a wonderful feat of architecture that is both amazing and comfy.

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