This House Can Change Room Orientation Based On The Weather

The Sharifi-ha House2

Architectural feats amaze us the most. It is how they juxtapose the traditions with modern-age mechanics that intrigues us. Today’s post also talks about one such feat carried out by Next Office, a Tehran architecture studio that came up with a innovative design and built a house that is comprised of bedrooms capable of pivoting at the touch of a button.

The Sharifi-ha House
The Sharifi-ha House2

The house is names as the Sharifi-ha House and has three bedrooms on three floors capable of swiveling at 90 degrees either to face inward or outward depending upon the season. The interiors of the room also go through drastic changes upon being pivoted. They vary from a large open terrace to a room that has minimal light and openings. The inspiration comes from Iranian mansions that had summer and winter living rooms.The Sharifi-ha House6The Sharifi-ha House7The Sharifi-ha House4 The Sharifi-ha House5The Sharifi-ha House3

The swiveling is motorized and is carried out via a turning mechanism similar to the one they use at those car showrooms. This makes the home capable of adapting to any weather. A pretty cool idea, isn’t it?



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