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This Guy Hated Traffic So He Made A Gyrocopter-Like Flying Motorcycle For Himself

The Aerospace engineer Dezso Molnar has always hated traffic. So, he hit upon an innovative idea to engineer a flying car inspired by the motorcycle-like gyrocopter. Watch the machine in action in this video:



Molnar took his unique creation for testing in the Mojave Desert. Through his machine has yet to take off the ground, he achieved some pretty amazing speeds.


Image Source: Bloomberg


The overhead rotors of a gyrocopter are not driven mechanically. In fact, the engine propels the gyrocopter forward and the thrust generated by the motion in the forward direction causes the overhead rotors to spin.


Image Source: Bloomberg


Molnar created this machine all by himself in his garage. Once his contraption takes off, Molnar has plans to introduce the fly car racing league in the Mojave Desert.