Watch A Chinese Demonstration Showing Off Gyrocopters With Anti-Tank Missiles

Today, we are talking about China’s first gyrocopter, christened the “Hunting Eagle Strike Gyrocopter,” which has been featured by the Chinese news channel, CCTV. Since then, the video has been doing the rounds on the internet due to the additional and promising features integrated with this gyrocopter. The gyrocopter comes under the scrutiny of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and comes with two incredibly seamless features, i.e., anti-tank missile launchers and a small sensor turret. However, no information has been disclosed about the date on which this gyrocopter was released. You can watch this gyrocopter in the video embedded below that has been published by CCTV7:

We can see in the video that the gyrocopter has come up with some impressive specifications this time, from featuring two seats for sitting, to optimizing the performance with four anti-tank guided missiles, also known as ATGMs. These ATGMs have been accommodated below the copter’s hard side extensions, with a pair of two. In addition, a small sensor turret has also been consolidated under the nose of the gyrocopter to detect, lock, and direct the guided missiles for surveillance missions. On the other hand, you might have observed some unarmed gyrocopters in the video, and the purpose of them being unarmed is to use them for training purposes in different missions.

However, we cannot say with conformity as to how much capable and defendant this updated gyrocopter is, but there is a decent chance that we will be seeing more of these in the future as this upgrade has boosted the morale and capability of the team, so it doesn’t matter how effective they are in terms of their operational parameters. It has to be noted that this Shaanxi-based defense manufacturing company started the production of these gyrocopters back in 2014. But their production has solely been aimed at the PLA special forces.

Talking about the specifications of the Hunting Eagle Strike Gyrocopter, it comes with a range of about 250 miles and has a maximum gross weight of 1235 pounds. However, it must be taken into consideration that gyrocopters fly in accordance with a special feature known as “autorotation,” as compared to helicopters that follow the mechanism of rotor blades for gaining lift and minimizing drag. Hence, seeing the operational efficiencies of gyrocopters, the People’s Armed Police (PAP) has come out in favor of the technology due to their precision in aerial surveillance and security assistance.

The video features a lot of details about the gyrocopters, from their technical as well as operational aspects. It has also been mentioned that training provided to pilots to fly gyrocopters is comparatively easier compared to helicopters. With all these aspects combined, gyrocopters could prove a big win for future aspects.

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