This Guy Has Made Some Simple Mouse Traps That Show How Dumb Mice Really Are

mouse trap

Mice are known to be extremely fast and smart little scavengers scurrying around the house. Whenever we try to catch them, they manage to wriggle themselves in the tiniest amount of space and live to tell another day. No doubt we can get rid of them with the help of mouse traps and rat poison, but these aren’t ideal as the rat may die and start rotting somewhere unseen. We need to devise an intelligent plan based on simple engineering skills to use the rat’s inquisitive nature get the better of him and lead him into a trap. This Canadian engineer named Matthias Wendel made a good point with his clever devices.

mous trap

trap 2

The video below shows these two simple mouse trap designs in action.

Notice how the mice keeps doing it again and again. Even though in this video the guy had to make a point of the mice trying the thing again and again, this doesn’t have to be that way as the bucket can be made escape proof for the little animal if we want to get rid of it. The different designs shown in the video are all quite useful, but the one made of tin cans rotating around an axle is the easiest one to make. It is actually funny to see the mouse’s over powering inquisitive nature getting him caught in a trap multiple times!



  1. Jan Reply

    “How dumb mice really are” – really wonderfulengineering? He said that this are several mice – mice are animals that don’t make conclusions! He is only a really smart guy tricking them – not because they are dumb – because in his first approach, it didn’t really work – I can’t understand why you are using this dumb title…

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