This Guy Found The Best Way To Deal With A Package Thief: An ‘Explosive Bait Box’ Filled With Poo


Everyone who has ever come across a thief will agree that they need to be taught a lesson. Although it is for the legal authorities to apprehend and punish a thief, a disgruntled neighbourhood decided to teach a lesson to the thief who stole people’s packages!




Initially, the people were concerned when their packages began to disappear. But later, the situation got out of control. Enraged by the blatant activities if the mysterious thief, they decided to set up a trap for him.




They hit upon with the idea of a ‘bait box’ filled with poo. Hidden cameras were set up by the community to catch the culprit in action. The timer in the box was set so that it would explode 40 seconds after being disturbed.




The homeowners were also concerned about the timer, as they did not want to miss action being captured by the lens. Watch the entire escapade in the video below:



Revenge is definitely sweet! Do you think it was ok for the neighbours to deal with the package thief by themselves without involving the police? Let us know in comments!

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