Apple Releases BreathTaking iPhone 7 And Apple Watch Series 2 Commercials


We all have become accustomed to the amazing marketing techniques employed by Apple over the years, but this time, they have taken the ad creation for their iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 to another level. Apple has created three short ads for their products, which are so compelling and appealing that they can be taken as short cinematic movies.

In the first ad titled “Morning Ride”, a cycling enthusiast has been shown to be inspired by dangerous natural conditions. So he decides to go out for a spin, along with his “waterproof and trusted” iPhone 7 navigation system. Although one of the most discussed and promoted features of the new iPhone are being advertised here, the ad is so well choreographed and produced that the one-minute ad passes without you noticing it.

In the second ad for iPhone 7, a boy is shown to be loitering around in the streets of a city on his skateboard at midnight. iPhone 7’s amazing night photography capabilities are being flaunted here, with the boy taking pictures of things in varying conditions such as ultra high lightning, red lightning and overly dark conditions. This ad again is not a regular whooshy phone ad with a list of salient features on the side but rather subtly engages the audience with its amazing cinematic production.

The last but not the least, Apple’s “Go Time” ad, where Apple looks to promote the all amazing Apple Watch.

The ad consists of sportsperson involved in varying sports like surfing, basketball, swimming and yoga. The toughness and durability of Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Wach Nike+ (with that distinctive, perforated band) has been shown using breathtaking visuals. The device’s water resistant qualities are being vaunted in the ad.

Do you think these series of ads are the best ever from Apple? Comment below!

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