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This Guy Covered His Car With Putty. What Happened Next Will Blow You Away

If you have imagination and some expanding foam, you can turn your old beaten car into a striking glamorous vehicle, like this guy from Lithuania did.

We share with you the picture story of his ingenious venture.

It started with a scrap looking Mercedes CLK class.

The car seemed good for nothing.

He started covering the body with expandable foam.

It looked like disaster, but the guy held faith.

Carving time! He carved out the foam with his artistic hands.

The result might frighten you but the Lithuanian man could see what we might not at this stage.

Some significant improvement.


Still a long way to go!

He detailed the exteriors with his artistic vision.

Not done yet!



Ofcourse, real cars have curves!


Headlights were a must.

We are beginning to like it.



Playing with the ingredients a bit.

Some crazy secret ingredients.

Interiors are specifically important.

After all, a car is your second home.

It looks a majestic mess.

Details, details, details!

Some serious awesomeness just boomed.


The artist’s toil shines through this car.

A coat of luster.

How can one not notice these sparkling rims?

The exotic final look.


So, that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you transform backyard junk into a glamorous vehicle.

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