This Giant Indoor Ski Slope Is Covered In Solar Panels

Belgium’s SnowWorld Antwerp, an expansive indoor ski slope spanning 12,500 square meters, has embraced sustainability with the installation of 1,452 solar panels on its roof. This ambitious project realized through collaboration with Belgian solar company EnergyVision, signifies a notable commitment to environmentally friendly practices in the indoor skiing industry.

The transformation was made possible after SnowWorld leased its roof to EnergyVision, which covered the costs of the solar panel installation. To ensure the panels’ stability, a 1.5-mm-thick waterproof membrane was laid on the roof, reaching a height of 40 meters.

Renolit Alkorplan, the company responsible for the original roof covering in 2017, supplied the additional membrane needed for the solar panels. The installation process involved a thorough analysis of wind loading on the roof to determine the safest configuration.

The decision to incorporate solar panels into the ski slope’s infrastructure aligns with a broader industry trend toward sustainability. Indoor skiing facilities are notorious for their high electricity consumption, particularly to maintain the chilly temperatures necessary for snowmaking. By harnessing solar energy, SnowWorld aims to reduce its reliance on traditional power sources and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

While specific details about the solar capacity in Antwerp remain undisclosed, SnowWorld’s sister sites in the Netherlands boast a collective 13,000 panels generating around 2.5 million kWh of clean energy annually. This underscores the potential for significant environmental impact and a shift toward greener practices within the industry.

The venture not only demonstrates a harmonious blend of winter sports passion and environmental responsibility but also serves as a model for other sectors. The use of solar panels represents a forward-thinking approach, providing a clean and renewable energy source that can substantially diminish the indoor skiing industry’s carbon footprint. Beyond environmental benefits, the initiative holds the promise of long-term cost savings, emphasizing the economic viability of embracing sustainable practices.

In essence, SnowWorld Antwerp’s solar panel installation is a pioneering step toward a more sustainable future in an unexpected sector, showcasing the potential for innovative, eco-friendly solutions even in traditionally energy-intensive realms like indoor sports facilities.

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