This Company Can Convert Your Fuel Car Into An EV In Just A Day

German startup e-Revolt claims to have developed a groundbreaking technology that can convert traditional fuel-run cars into fully electric vehicles within a mere 24 hours. This is a significant departure from the weeks-long process typically associated with such conversions. The company’s innovative battery design and efficient workflow are credited with this remarkable time reduction.

The rapid conversion offered by e-Revolt addresses environmental concerns by preventing the emission of 30 tonnes of CO2 associated with the production of new electric vehicles. The upgraded cars boast a 250-kilometer electric range, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Furthermore, the company provides 100 percent insurance coverage post-upgrade.

The environmental ethos of e-Revolt extends beyond emissions reduction. The startup emphasizes the importance of reusing materials in vehicle upgrades, promoting a more sustainable and resource-efficient approach to transportation. The process involves an initial online verification and physical inspection of the vehicle’s eligibility for conversion. The removal of the old engine and components is followed by responsible recycling or repurposing, aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

E-Revolt emphasizes the broader environmental impact of traditional vehicle production, from greenhouse gas emissions to the depletion of valuable resources through mining activities. By converting existing vehicles, the startup seeks to minimize these negative consequences.

The conversion process includes the replacement of the combustion engine with a frame designed to utilize existing engine points. The upgraded vehicle is not only electric but also equipped with modern digital interfaces, including an advanced infotainment system.

To ensure quality and safety, an independent agency conducts a final check post-conversion, ensuring adherence to legal regulations and high safety standards. The result is a fully digitized and electric vehicle ready for its second life after just one day of conversion.

E-Revolt’s approach aligns with the larger goal of reducing CO2 emissions, emphasizing the role of electric vehicles within the broader vehicle fleet. The startup contributes to the fast-tracking of electric vehicle adoption by transforming existing fleets into electric counterparts. According to the International Energy Agency, the global electric car stock is expected to surpass 26 million in 2022, representing a 60 percent increase from the previous year and more than five times the stock in 2018.

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