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This Gadget Uses Lasers To Regrow Fallen Hair

Hair loss is real and millions of people fall victim to it every year. While many may prefer the bald look, the majority still hates the idea of losing hair. With the advances being made in terms of science and technology, it was only a matter of time before this issue was addressed and now it has been. Say hello to Laserband 82 by Pininfarina – a gadget that makes use of medical grade lasers for stimulation of hair growth.

Keeping the function aside, we are really pleased with the unique shape and its aesthetically pleasing design. It resembles a headband that you can use to treat your scalp. It features parting teeth that will comb and divide the hair thus allowing the laser to make better contact with your scalp and stimulate hair follicles located at the root.

The process sounds familiar because this is the treatment you would go to an endocrinologist for. However, with this amazing gadget, you can get the treatment while sitting in your home. The treatment takes about 90 seconds to complete and as per company’s suggestion, should be performed three times a week. All that you need to do is slide the headband back over your entire scalp.

The Hairband 82 is FDA approved and ready for consumers with a price tag of $795. The price tag might seem too steep but before you shun the gadget out, think of the thousands of dollars you would have to pay for the hair transplant along with the pain you would have to go through.