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This Gadget-Packed Batman Costume Just Won A Guinness World Record


Pic Credits: Gizmodo

The farce that the institution of “Guinness World Record” has become seems to have no end. It looks like any random acts of bravery, stupidity, endurance or innovation can now be counted as a Guinness World Record. But still we can enjoy the circus while it lasts, and the latest “record” registered is of building a “most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit”. Julian Checkley from Ireland tried to make a Batman suit by cramming in 23 different and random gadgets, and in return, he has his name in the history books!

Below is the list of the “gadgets” in the suit:


Although it doesn’t have all the gadgets of the original Batsuit, and a Bat Flask is really an objectionable addition, it is still a pretty sweet effort. It remains to seen now how long it will take another “ambitious” person to come up a suit with greater number of gadgets. We all know it is only a matter of time!

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