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LUMI Is A New Toilet Brush That Cleans Itself

The LUMI self-sanitizing toilet brush may well be the ultimate toilet brush. It does its task, that is cleaning the filth of your toilet, and it does more; it cleans itself!

the self-sanitizing toilet brush

In an era when everything is shiny and clean, and when pocket hand sanitizers are considered a necessity rather than a luxury, Lumi comes off as the most suitable invention of its time.

This toilet brush package comes with a replaceable head, a handle, and a perfectly-fitting toilet brush caddy base. This simple looking package comes with one superpower- it turns the grossest bathroom item into a self-cleaning,no-mess and germ-free tool!

Toilet brushes: the grossest bathroom item

This revolutionary tool is a UV based sanitizer that blasts the toilet brush with UV light from several directions that is carefully calibrated to the right frequencies for killing germs. To ensure the brush remains dry and hygienic, there are drain vents along with an evaporation pan. These drain vents help the brush dry quickly.

The caddy base is carefully designed not to tip over and automatically opens and closes, thus making it even more user-friendly.

The current germ cycle in bathroom cleaning Source: Kick-starter


This toilet brush breaks the old bathroom germ transfer cycle where germs get transferred from the flush to the toilet brush to the dirty toilet base and back to the flush. By ensuring the toilet brush base (and the brush itself) remain clean at all times, Lumi makes the process easier, time-efficient and hygienic.

LUMI breaks the old germ cycle
Source: Kickstarter

With its amazing self-cleaning abilities, LUMI is set to become an irreplaceable part of out toilets (and our lives)!

The toilet brush is available at Kickstarter for $40.

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