The Toilet Brush Has Been Reinvented

looblade washroom brush can dry within seconds2

It seems like the inventor Garry Stewart was sick of the crap we have to deal with every day and I mean it literally. Once we are done with it, everything is soggy and we can’t bear to sit on the Iron Throne for some time before it dries off and even afterwards it doesn’t feel right. So, he made it his goal to rid the world of forever-wet plastic fibers and introduce you to the fast drying Silicone one that he has made. It will clear all the crap in your toilet and dry out very quickly to look normal again.

looblade washroom brush can dry within seconds

In a normal cleansing operation, the brush comes out soaking wet along with bits of the muck you are trying to clean, so it is never a good experience while doing it and the irritating feeling lasts for some time. However, Stewart’s weapon or Looblade as he calls it, twirls around like one of those spinning serves from Tennis and cleans it from the depths with ease. It cleans more surface area than normal brushes and thus the whole operation can be finished quickly and efficiently.

looblade washroom brush can dry within seconds2

In addition to de-clogging properties, the brush allows liquid to pass through its blades so that the crap retention is much lower than an average brush which you can never clean completely even after the first use. It also reportedly holds a microbial additive that can get rid of more than 99 percent harmful microbes and thus cleaning the toilet for the important daily experience of solitude and inner peace.

looblade washroom brush can dry within seconds3
It is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign and aims to raise around 20,000$ to enter production. You can get your hands on this ultimate toilet cleaner for 15 pounds in an early pledge and shipment will commence in December. So, do pledge if you are irritated because of the clumsy brush in your bathroom that you can’t even hide properly!

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