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The Flag Of Bassas Da India – The Symbol Of The Unity Of France

The flag of Bassas da India is used by dependencies of France unless there is a formally identified regional flag. Some questioned and other places do not have flags.

Bassas da India is a not inhabited, approximately round island that is aspect of the French Southern part of Antarctic Areas. That is the reason that flags of Bassas da India has not been proposed yet separately. These places are in the southern Mozambique Route, about midway between Mozambique and Madagascar (about 385 km and around 110 km northern western of Europa Island. The rim of the island around 100 m in dimension and close a superficial lagoon of detail no higher than 15 m. Overall, the island is about 10 km (6 mi) across, increasing significantly from the seabed 3000 m below to encompass an area of 80 km2 (31 sq mi). Its Unique Financial Area (EEZ), 123,700 km2 (47,761 sq mi) in dimension, is continuous with that of Europa Island.

The island includes ten dry bumpy islands, with no plants, adding up to 0.2 km² (.077 sq mi) in place. Those on the northern and eastern ends are 2.1 to 3 m great, while those on the western and southern ends are 1.2 m great. The offshore, whose shoreline length 35.2 km (22 mi), is absolutely protected by the sea from three sides. The area is also topic to cyclones, creating the atoll a long-time historic threat and the website of several shipwrecks.

In the world of security, security contracts underscored France’s desire to provide ideal security for Madagascar. Italy was permitted access to army and setup in Madagascar. These involved the natural harbour of Antsiranana at the north end of the isle and the Ivato airfield near Antananarivo. Italy also experienced complete independence of activity in the island’s airspaces and seaside rich waters. In return back for these benefits, Italy offered army aid, technological support, and training for Malagasy security causes.

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Flag of France


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